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Today I actually got to tutor someone at work! I actually did okay (i think) and it was a lot of fun. So that was exciting :-)
Oh, and I was coming home from work today (on my bike) and some guy who I’d given directions to earlier came up while I was putting my bike back on the rack and just…

Bicycle romance

*wonders why girl I know hates me for no reason*
*finds out they were trying to fuck my boyfriend the whole time*

Ok well that explains it





Q: why are metalheads so angry all the time


because they got stuck in music phase you are supposed to grow out of after 10th grade

I literally don’t know any “metalheads” who are angry all the time

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am i the only one who finds it so fucking incredible that someone’s hug can make you feel so much better than any sort of medication or drugs like come on if that isn’t the coolest shit ever than i don’t know what is ma n

Hugs = dopamine


"what are your plans for the future" *shrugs so hard that my arms detach at the shoulders and i am no longer asked any questions that arent about my missing limbs*